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  • Arcade Pie Console
  • Power supply unit
  • 8GB micro SD card
  • 2 USB SNES controllers
  • 1 user manual

Arcade Pie Console

129 + 10 P&P

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Arcade Pie is an all-in-one retro gaming console. Arcade Pie will play all of your favorite retro games on your HDTV - including Super Nintendo, NES, Megadrive and N64. You can now see how good you really are at these classic games!

Note: Please be aware that Arcade Pie is in high demand right now. Delivery can take as little as two working days, or up to 10 working days depending on stock levels. Please be patient, and contact us if you'd like to ask how long delivery will take - tom@arcade-pie.com

Extras to make your Gaming better

N64 Controller

Grey N64 Controller

USB Connection

Sensitive buttons for precision control

Perfect for Mario Kart 64

Super Nintendo Controller

Grey Super Nintendo Controller

USB Connection

Just like the original

Lightweight for hours of gaming

Original Nintendo Controller

Grey Retro Nintendo Controller

USB Connection

Just like the original

Timeless simplicity

HDMI Cable (1.5 meter)

Arcade Pie Compatible

1.5 meter cable

Gold plated for excellent picture quality

1 HDMI Cable 7.00 EUR

Controller Extender Cable

Extend the range of your controllers

1.5 meter cable

Allows more comfortable gaming